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Lt. Douglas Ulsh’s XCollar Experience

We received this incredible letter a couple days ago, and Lt. Ulsh kindly gave us permission to share his experience. Thank you for the inspiring words sir and our team wishes you a full recovery and good health!


“I thank you for the experience with your equipment. I recently had broken my own neck in a horse accident. So instead of calling for an ambulance I had administered the X-collar, which I had in my pickup, with the help of my wife. I chose not to go to the hospital via ambulance because I could move everything; my neck was a little sore is all. After the CAT scan at the hospital the Dr. came in and said I broke c-2 severely and needed a halo without having surgery.

I believe that without the use of your collar I would be paralyzed or not even here.

I had it on for around 7 hours with no movement and was put into a halo for the last 10 weeks and am expecting to get it removed in 1 week with a full recovery.

P.S. I have been telling everyone I know in the pre-hospital setting about the experience and outcome with the x-collar.

Again Thank You,”

-Lt. Douglas Ulsh

Montana Air National Guard Fire Department

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