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City of Antelope Fire Department Awarded XCollar Plus

Congratulations to Chief Carter and the incredible volunteers at the City of Antelope Fire Department in Oregon for being awarded the first donation from our facebook sponsorship program!

Below are two letters we received; one before the donation, and the other as an encouraging thank you letter.


We are a tiny fire department that serves an isolated frontier town of 45-50 full time residents, small businesses and plenty of tourists plus a large unprotected area consisting of ranches and other small communities in a 150-200 square mile area located in north-central Oregon.  The next nearest fire-rescue service help to us is at least 45-60 minutes away in good weather.  We are an all-volunteer City fire department.  We have no tax base.  We have very little money to work with right now and it’ll be a while before we can qualify for any grants because I just got this department officially up and running earlier this year.  We receive meager transfers from the City’s General Fund, which are only enough to maintain and operate on.  We depend almost entirely upon donations for equipment, training, improvements and some repairs.

Today, we now have working vehicles and 10 core volunteer firefighters, plus some others who provide support services.  Some of our firefighters are attending a Firefighter 1 academy (hosted for free to us by a mutual aid department 45 minutes to the north) while the rest are receiving basic, entry-level training from me twice a month.  Our fire department has seen more action in the last several months than it has ever seen in many years past-combined.  In just the past three months alone, we’ve had to manage a rollover vehicle accident with entrapment out on the highway, a 700-acre rangeland fire just north of town, two critical illness cases (one a tourist passing through), a hillside brush fire, a large shed fire, a two-car head-on accident out on another highway and a fully involved pickup fire.  Just this morning we responded to a four-vehicle pile-up involving a tractor-trailer 15 miles from our town.  EMS is a developing thing out here.  Because the nearest ground ambulance takes at least 45 minutes and the nearest helicopter at least 35 minutes, I am working to build up our EMS unit and-hopefully-a transporting ambulance service at some point.  At the present, I am providing BLS education for my department and First Aid/CPR training to as many folks as I can in and around our community.

I have managed to get some firefighting equipment like hose, ladders, tools, SCBAs, extrication gear, hose, turnouts and some basic EMS supplies donated to us from other departments, which helps.  However, we are having difficulty obtaining a bit of very important equipment.  While we have a couple of old backboards and head immobilizers we can use for the time being, we don’t have a single cervical collar.

I would like to know if you folks at Emegear would be so kind as to help our humble little fire department by donating a few of your collars. I’ve used all kinds of collars since I first got started in 1979 but I’ve never seen yours.  However, some EMS workers I’ve met recently say the X-Collar is by far the best and I would like to give them a try.  These don’t need to be new. Vehicle accidents are fairly common out here, given that there are three highways that pass through our area (including Hwy 97, the state’s second-busiest north-south route).

Below is a photo of some of us who could make it to a recent training event. I’m the one in the white helmet. Behind us is our station, which houses our structure fire apparatus, a 1975 Ford Pirsch & Sons pumper.  Also shown are a 1979 Chevy C65 1,000 gallon water tender and a 1985 GMC 4×4 Type 6 quick fire attack/brush rig.  This is our back-up EMS/rescue rig.  Not shown is our 1995 Ford Type 2 ambulance (a non-transport vehicle, kept at a different location), which is our primary EMS rig.

Anything you folks can do to help would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you.

Michael Carter


City of Antelope Fire Department

City of Antelope Volunteer Fire Department

Thank you letter after donation of 28 units (1 case) of XCollar Plus:

Thank You Letter

X Collar Thank You Letter

We are proud to support you and your crew Chief Carter! 


Stay Tuned! Every 250 Likes, we will be awarding units to an EMS, Fire/Rescue, or Educational agency.

Award #1: City of Antelope Fire Department (December 2012)

Next award will be at 500 Likes for our Facebook page.

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