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Life Support Training International & The X-Collar

X Collar Endorsement Letter from LSTI

X Collar Endorsement Letter from LSTI

We are proud to have received a letter of endorsement from the esteemed Life Support Training International in the Philippines.

LSTI and the Philippine Society of EMT – Batch 84 are now officially the first training institution and certified class in the world ever to have fully replaced all conventional cervical collars in favor of the X-Collar and the practice of C-Spine Splinting.

We are honored.

Below is the letter text:

The Life Support Training International is very grateful for your input on the latest innovation and high technology on spinal immobilization – X collar. I’m sure this will add to the knowledge and skills imperative on the immediate management of spinal trauma patients and thereby improve the quality of life. Be advised that we have now included the X-collar as a primary standard for spinal immobilization in our training program.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,
Joan Z. Tasker-Lynch, RN, RGN, REMT-P, MAN
Training Director
Life Support Training International


Lt. Douglas Ulsh’s XCollar Experience

We received this incredible letter a couple days ago, and Lt. Ulsh kindly gave us permission to share his experience. Thank you for the inspiring words sir and our team wishes you a full recovery and good health!


“I thank you for the experience with your equipment. I recently had broken my own neck in a horse accident. So instead of calling for an ambulance I had administered the X-collar, which I had in my pickup, with the help of my wife. I chose not to go to the hospital via ambulance because I could move everything; my neck was a little sore is all. After the CAT scan at the hospital the Dr. came in and said I broke c-2 severely and needed a halo without having surgery.

I believe that without the use of your collar I would be paralyzed or not even here.

I had it on for around 7 hours with no movement and was put into a halo for the last 10 weeks and am expecting to get it removed in 1 week with a full recovery.

P.S. I have been telling everyone I know in the pre-hospital setting about the experience and outcome with the x-collar.

Again Thank You,”

-Lt. Douglas Ulsh

Montana Air National Guard Fire Department

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